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Mr. Nice Guy - PG [Nov. 11th, 2005|11:11 pm]
Lost Friday
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |Nerf Herder - Don't Hate Me (Because I'm Beautiful)]

Title: Mr. Nice Guy
Characters: Hurley, Charlie, slight Shannon, mentions of Claire and others.
Rating: PG
Word count: 967
Theme: Crush

Hurley has only ever had four girlfriends in his life, and he suspects that two of them were part of some more elaborate truth or dare scheme. He knows he's a good guy, has been told on more than one occasion how nice he is, but he also knows that he doesn't look like Brad Pitt. And women always want Brad Pitt. They're not so inclined to pick the overweight, but nice, joker.

Nice. He hates the word. Everytime someone uses it he has to fight the urge to punch them repeatedly, screaming at them, asking them over and over if this is what they call "nice" behaviour. It's enough to make a grown man go insa- Alright, it wouldn't make that happen again. But he still hated being the "nice guy". The one that girls would rather be friends with than have hot sex with. Damn, sometimes he'd rather be a jackass pretty boy like Sawyer.

Yeah, Sawyer. He saw how Kate looked at him as he strolled along the beach, shirtless and still glistening with remnants of his morning swim. How Claire would call out for him, one of her special smiles she only usually reserved for Charlie plastered on her face. How Sun would help him with the contents of her garden and herbal knowledge whenever he looked pained (which was frickin' always).

And how Shannon would gaze appreciatively over his body as she stood in front of him in her short shorts, her lips extra pouty as she complained about some new bug that was terrorising her. She had two men in her life; her brother with the big blue eyes and snark, and her boyfriend with the intellect and sensitivity. Didn't stop her from flirting with a third option, flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder as she laughed at some stupid reference to the bunny book Boone nearly got beaten to death over.

Of course to anyone else it sounds like Hurley hates her and her flirtatious, insensitive, princess ways. But he doesn't. Oh god he doesn't. He likes her in a wanting to kiss and hug and call her his way. All the emotions that swirl around his stomach are because he's so goddamn attracted to her, and he's so desperately jealous of Sayid, Boone and Sawyer.

"You alright, Hurl?"

Charlie, his one true friend on the island. Only person who knows he's messed up enough to have a crush on Shannon. Only person who knows what it's like to have an unrequited crush, but Hurley knows that Claire is secretly desperate for him to make a move first. He also knows Shannon would never speak to him again if he made a move.

"I'm good."

"You're looking at her again, aren't you?" Charlie sighs and settles beside him. "She was a right Ice Queen when I tried it on, but if she's melted enough to want to get with Sayid then you've got to just tell her how you feel. Better to have it out in the open and all that."

Hurley manages a laugh and turns. "Dude, how are things with Claire again?"

"Things with Claire would be bloody fine if I could take my own advice. You know what she said last night? She said she liked my eyes. I nearly cried," Charlie confesses, gazing out towards the horizon.

"You nearly cried because Claire said she liked your eyes?"

"Yes! Oh god, you wouldn't believe what she does to me, Hurley."

"Keep it in your pants, dude, I don't wanna know," he advises but it's too late, Charlie continues with his tale of woe.

"Everytime I look at her it's a mixture between wanting to shag her senseless, and wanting to write songs about how perfect she is," he explains, shaking his head.

Hurley leans back on his palms, eyes wandering to the tall blonde spread out on a beach towel in a light red bikini. "Why don't you write a song about wanting to get it on with her, then? You can play it to her after and see if she gets the message."

Charlie surveys him for a moment and follows his gaze, not at all surprised by what he sees. "Because I don't wanna scare Claire off by coming on too strong. And believe me, telling a girl you want nothing more than to get her on her back so you can fu-"

"Dude! Whatever you were gonna say next? Don't."

"Alright, sorry," he sighs. "Just can't stop thinking about it. I mean, I think I've hurt my wrist, because-"

It takes two seconds for Hurley to shove his hands over his ears and he watches Charlie carefully, making sure his lips are definitely not moving before letting his arms drop.

"Please, God, tell her how you feel. I'm begging you, Charlie. Please!" He shakes his head and looks at his feet. "Just tell her how you're feeling instead of me, okay?"

"Are you not even listening to me?!" Charlie stares at him.

Drowning out the rest of Charlie's rant about how impossible it is to tell Claire, Hurley really hopes he doesn't sounds like that. He also looks back at Shannon and decides he has to do something. Now. Pushing himself off the sand, he looks back at Charlie and smiles a little, nervous as hell underneath.

"Later, dude. I just grew some balls."

And as he makes his way over to Shannon, he really really hopes that he's both not about to be laughed at and that he's actually inspired Charlie to do something. He wants Charlie and Claire to be happy, and together. He wants himself to be happy, preferably with Shannon, but just to let her know and to see a smile. That would make him feel really... Nice.

[User Picture]From: azur_infinie
2005-11-27 08:28 pm (UTC)
I absolutely love this. Sensitive, funny and a little snarky - I think you've got Hurley down perfectly! Really love his observations on Sawyer - he's my favourite and I know I'd be in Hurley's shoes if I was on the island, nursing a hopeless crush. You did a lovely job of writing Charlie too. And I love the last line. Brilliant :D
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