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Lost Friday

Weekly Drabble Challenges.

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Welcome to Lost Friday! This is a weekly Lost drabble challenge. Every Friday a prompt will be posted, and you have all weekend to come up with something. No pressure, just something to keep those silly muses working.


1. Every Friday a prompt is posted. You have until Monday to post. We will put up a post where you can comment with late drabbles and ideas for next weeks prompt.

2. Stories can be anywhere from 100-1000 words. Just put longer ones under a cut

3. Each one must be based on LOST, but can be a crossover with another show

4. If a story is R or above (or has content that may not be approved by everyone) label it clearly and use a cut-tag.

5. You may post as many responses to a challenge as you like. Just try to round them up in one or two posts and put it under an lj- cut. lj-cuts are our friend

6. You can suggest any challenges for coming weeks in the current week's challenge post or the closing message.

7. No flaming, trolling, anti-racial/orientation/religous, hateful posts. No children under 16 portrayed in a sexual situation.

8. If there are spoilers, please clearly mark them in the subject and use a cut-tag. (Check here if you need any help with this.)

9. Posts *just* promoting another community may be deleted without prior notification. If you want to include a pimp for another community you may do so *only* in a post that contains a drabble, and only within the allowed time.

Any further questions can be forwarded to your mods vylentcrymz and smurfyfredels.